Eating a Meal

Reducing waste,

one order at a time

A food app that helps you take part in eliminating waste, while getting food at a discount.

In Canada alone, 58% of all food produced ends up wasted...

...this amounts to a $49 billion loss for the industry.

BUT, this food waste can become an avoidable issue!


... in empowering and enabling others to do their part in creating a greener tomorrow

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When 5 university students come together with a common mindset, you'll realize almost anything is possible. That's how Food Fight came to be. We are a group of students from various backgrounds dedicated to the same common goal... reducing food waste and working towards a more sustainable future.


At Food Fight, we believe that the best future is a sustainable future. By providing restaurants with a platform to advertise their end-of-life food, we are enabling restaurant and customers alike, to do their part in reducing food waste. As one would say, we are reducing food waste one order at a time.