about us

Food Fight is a social venture working towards eliminating as much food waste as possible!


The simplest way to do this while still making a big impact? Find a way to prevent perfectly good food from being thrown out, simply because of company policy.

But, how can we do this?

We are working towards creating an app that allows food businesses to sell their surplus food at a discount. A partnered company will post a deal for an item on their menu and the time that the deal is valid, then you redeem the deal and pick up your order in store. Not only does this help you contribute to environmental and food sustainability, you are able to satisfy your craving's at a discount. Download Food Fight today to redeem deals worth fighting for!

 How It Works 

1. Download the Food Fight app and create an account to access exclusive deals.

2. Browse our selection of restaurants. Choose your preference and place an order.

3. Visit the restaurant and simply redeem your offer through the app.

4. Enjoy your discounted food and appreciate that you have contributed to reducing food waste!




Zachary Maclaren


I am in fourth year in the Business program at Wilfrid Laurier University. I remember one day seeing a stat that we could feed everyone with what we throw away and I was shocked. As a kid, you don’t understand why certain people are hungry, but I know that as a society we can stop this and make sure everyone has food to eat.




I'm a fourth year BBA student at Wilfrid Laurier University. Ever since I was young, my family has always been cautious about avoiding food waste and saving leftovers. Growing up it seemed like the natural thing to do, until I began working in the food industry and hearing others' stories of just how much food is wasted on a frequent basis. Now my newfound goal is to work towards reducing this food waste and Food Fight is enabling me to do just that.



I'm a fourth year Environmental Sciences student here at Laurier. You can find me in the kitchen cooking new meals, drawing or watching a Leaf game in the evening. Sustainability is a topic that impacts us all, old and young, so exploring the many creative ways of improving our impact is an interest of mine. The pursuit of bettering my community using the pillars of sustainability has driven me throughout this project.



I'm a fourth year Political Science student at Wilfrid Laurier. While on vacation in Asia back in 2015 I truly realized how different food was treated compared to Canada, all parts of plants and animals were used in some way or another.  This made me realize how wasteful we are, consumers are only willing to buy produce which is perfect, leaving slightly damaged or blemished goods to be thrown out. From that point on I was motivated to find ways to eliminate food waste and consume more of the goods which are produced.



I have always considered myself to be a numbers guy. When I found out that 58% of all food produced – 35.5 million tonnes or $49 billion dollars worth of food – is wasted each year in Canada, I instantly started thinking about what I could do to help mitigate this issue. As a fourth year Business and Computer Science Double Degree student at Wilfrid Laurier University, I jumped at the opportunity to use technology in a growing industry to help people live more sustainably.