Got Questions?

We are committed to making the Food Fight experience as seamless as possible.  Scroll down or click the FAQ button below for us to answer your questions.  If you have any further questions, feel free to visit the contact us page.   


How would Food Fight benefit my business and how could I join? 

Food Fights goal is to reduce food waste. We achieve this by offering a service to organize, advertise and sell perfectly good food near its sell by date.  Eliminating the amount of waste your business helps save money helping your bottom line. Additionally, selling the food that otherwise would have been discarded at a discount allows you to recoup some costs. If this sounds good click the "learn more" button on the bottom right to get started!!      

Why am I getting a discount?

All the food sold through Food Fight is discounted to promote and assist in restaurants selling as much of their daily inventory as possible.  The unfortunate reality is ordinary restaurants are not able to sell everything.  Using the app helps restaurants sell as much food as possible and allows you to get a great meal for an affordable price!  If you like the sound of this check us out on the App & Google Play Store.     

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Is the food safe to eat?

Yes, all the food sold is safe.  The food on offer has been prepared for the day it is being sold.  The food is the same quality as if you were to walk in and order something.  All the food sold follows the Safe food for Canadians act which all restaurants must adhere to.  

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How to I know when discounts are available?

Discounts are added to the Food Fight app at the discretion of each individual restaurant.  If you are looking to eat out from a specific restaurant you can always click the notification bell and be alerted once a deal has been offered.       


What food options are available?

The selection of restaurants available are dependent on the geographic area you are located.  The Food Fight team is working hard to provide more options to you constantly.  Click the view more button below to explore the options available to you.   


Can I order additional non-discounted items alongside my order? 

This is something we hope to offer in the future.  At the moment we are exploring this possibility.  To keep up to date and see and see new announcements click on the button below.          

Does food fight offer Delivery?

Not at the moment unfortunately.  We are aiming to keep costs low and reduce the environmental impact we put out.  It is possible in the future more continent offerings may be implemented.