Food fight for 


Have you ever considered how much food waste you are producing on a daily basis?

Or maybe you have considered it, but don't know how to do your part in reducing your impact?

Food Fight can help!

The Food Fight app allows you as a business owner to promote your unsold items at low peak hours, or the end of day hours, to help not only eliminate your food waste but also gain a small profit from what would've been wasted food. The best part? You can cater it to your own needs. Your managing team has knowledge of the daily flow of peak and slow hours and what products you tend to have leftover at the end of the day. Our app allows you to post deals that are time sensitive and notify prospective customers automatically. The app allows you to post deals ahead of time and schedule deals, so if you have a recurring deal on a specific day for example that you want posted every week, you only have to do it once. Our app assists you to reduce food waste and expenditure on waste management services as $8 are saved for every $1 spent on food sustainability measures. Have more questions? Find our contact information on the contact us page.

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