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3 Things that I’ve learned from being a CTO of a startup

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m the CTO of Food Fight. Throughout my time at Food Fight, I have learned three main lessons: creating an app is more than just coding, the importance of understanding your consumers, and that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Although I have completed multiple software developer internships, creating the Food Fight app from scratch has been an entirely different and amazing opportunity for me. I had a lot of fun experimenting with new technologies and getting to apply the software engineering practices that I learned in my CS classes. As the ‘technical’ person of the group, I was tasked with outlining use-case models for the app, finalizing system features, and developing metrics for product design. To complete the app, I learned a new coding language (Flutter), got more familiar with database services (Firebase) and APIs (Stripe). It also helped me understand more about user experience design such as implementing micro interactions to make using the app more engaging and a smoother experience.

Understanding your target market is the cornerstone to building a brand and it is the most important part of an organization. In short, understanding your target market means that you know what they value, and the amount that they are willing to pay for your services. This is a crucial step in converting potential consumers to satisfied customers. At Food Fight, we have done extensive research into understanding the multisided aspects of our business. We have conducted interviews with local restaurants which taught us that our app needs to be easy to use and produce quantifiable results. We have also administered surveys to ensure that our product satisfies the needs of university students and other eco-conscious local consumers by reducing food waste via providing good food at an affordable price.

As a Founder, I am consistently thinking about what the next steps for Food Fight are. I quicky found out that you can get inspiration from almost anywhere at anytime. For instance, one day I was walking home from class listening to a podcast about building your personal brand on social media. Halfway through the podcast, I realized that a lot of the ideas that were being discussed could be applied to growing an organization’s brand. I excitedly explained my findings to the rest of the founding team at the next team meeting. This idea eventually became @foodfightofficial on Instagram. Follow our Instagram to learn about food waste and practical ways that you can help our cause of reducing food waste.

Working on Food Fight has been a great learning experience for me, and I will continue to develop more skills as Food Fight grows.

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