5n2 Kitchens Stepping up during times of Adversity

The pandemic has had dire effects on several industries and people, while also highlighting the organizations that are providing support during this crazy time.

With millions of people experiencing unemployment and some government handouts running out at the end of August, the number of people experiencing food insecurity continues to rise.

One organization that is focused on helping those in need is 5n2 Kitchens. 5n2 Kitchens is an organization in the GTA area that cooks meals in their kitchen free of charge for those in need while also providing other services. 5n2 Kitchens had to decide whether or not they were going to close down their kitchen, but instead, they decided to ramp up their production where they are now serving 1500 meals and delivering 400 grocery bags a week.

They wanted to make sure that everyone has access to food during this time, especially more vulnerable groups.

Other services they offer are a community garden, free food pantry, and a subsidized meal delivery program targeting seniors and other vulnerable groups.

5n2 Kitchens continues to do amazing work and check out their website and social media pages on how you can help and the impact they are making during this time.

Source: https://www.toronto.com/opinion-story/10137159-covid-19-pandemic-shines-light-on-scarborough-s-food-insecurity/

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