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Community Fridges Read all about them!

Imagine a world where you can walk down the street, open the fridge and grab some food just like you are at home. Well this possible situation isn't really a reality….. Yet community fridges do exist but not for the purpose of casual snacking but to provide foods for those who are food insecure. Found across the world, community fridges are places where individuals can donate safe to eat food. These fridges are normally open 24/7 and provide a range of items from ready to eat foods like sandwiches to staple goods such as carrots and onions.

These fridges typically are located within a range of shops included but not limited to health food shops, grocery stores, and stand alone locations. Much like a food pantry any individual is permitted to donate food to these locations though a few more restrictions apply. Depending on the country and location different rules apply. In the case of Canada the restrictions are as follows; Normal individuals are permitted to donate staple unprepared goods such as flour, onions, bread and other goods which the individual has not modified. Items like home made sandwiches are not allowed due to concerns about food safety and how food sanitary the preparation was. Professional kitchens have more free reign, due to the strict rules professional kitchens must follow. A large range of items are allowed to be donated. A range of prepared foods such as soups, meals, and other items are typically permitted.

These fridges are a valuable resource for the community as they provide a respectful and accessible environment for those in need to get help. Providing surplus food also helps divert food waste, not only helping with lowering CO2 emissions but also the labour required to deal with food waste.

If you are interested, look out for community fridges in your area and I'm sure you will begin to notice them. Additionally, you can look online to find out ways to become more involved.

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