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COVID almost 1 year later.....

Its hard to believe that it has almost been 1 full year since COVID shut down the world. Before the pandemic a world crippling virus seemed to be something reserved only for history or a dramatic TV show. Yet one year later, staying at home, wearing a mask, working remotely, and the closing of business seems par for the course.

Though the situation is slowly improving and the multiple COVID vaccines are being released to the public not a huge amount has changed. Something that is becoming more prevalent in the media is the idea of COVID fatigue. COVID fatigue can be described as the both mental and physical exhaustion experienced due to the increased restrictions and stress of the virus. This is a very real issue that penetrates all layers of society and economics. The effects of COVID fatigue include but are not limited to the decrease in overall mental health, refusing to abide by government regulations, loss of productivity and much more.

Many are trying to fight this fatigue by finding ways to combat and disperse the effects of these unusual circumstances. This can be done through activities like seeing a therapist, daily mental health activities, and plans that purposely break the mold while staying safe.

When looking at the business end things are looking grim. For the most part financial relief is drying up. Many businesses both in Canada and the United States are waiting on the next wave of stimulus to say afloat. It is important to note that business are not being equally impacted. The constant switching of policy and regulation based on data disproportionately hurts small business. Unlike large business small business don’t have the same cushion and financial backing as corporations do. This has caused countless small business to close not only creating devastating impacts for those who relied on it as income but also the landlords who own the properties.

Thankfully, things are looking up. Within Ontario the lock down is set to end on February the 16th. At this point individual cities depending on their individual situations are allowed to go back to the color system. This provides the opportunity to open business providing much needed sales. With the slow roll out of the vaccine it is hard to say when things will go back to normal. Yet the lowering case numbers and deaths is encouraging.

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