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Creative ways People are Fighting Food Waste!

Food Waste is a growing issue. As populations grow and countries develop the problem will undoubtedly grow. Not only does food waste hurt the environment but also individuals economically all along the supply chain. This short list of companies are only a few leading the way in fighting food waste.

The Crumbler

Baked good bread in particular is one of the most wasted food items worldwide. It is estimated that 10% of all baked goods are thrown away. This leads to a huge amount of waste. In response the “Crumbler was made” Taking day-old bread the Crumbler made by Franck Wallet grinds a product destined for the garbage into flour to be used for fresh loaves.


McCain is one of the largest producers of potato products in the world. With all those potatoes comes alot of peels, rather than throwing away or composting the peels. McCain foods has developed a way to create bioplastics. These plastics are used in packaging and a range of other products. This not only helps with a food waste issue but also cuts down on carbon emissions.


Looking at food waste directly Veles an American company, found a way to turn scraps and food not consumed into an all purpose cleaner. Utilizing the natural acids and sugars found in food, Veles created a much more environmentally friendly way to clean the house. Hopefully gone are the days of greenwashing.


Over 80 billion pairs of chopsticks are thrown away every year, creating a huge amount of waste. Canadian company Chop aims to upcycle these small pieces of wood by first cleaning then compressing these one use items into furniture, chopping boards and other home goods. Not only does this save additional trees from being chopped down but also lessens the needs of landfills.

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