Sustainable Gift Ideas!!!!

With only a week left until Christmas are you still wondering what to get your friend or family member for Christmas? Look no further, today we are going to give you some gift ideas for that person on your list who is passionate about sustainability and giving back:

1. Buy a Gift Card for a Local Restaurant or Cafe:

With COVID-19 impacting local businesses, especially with enhanced restrictions on dining in and a potential second lockdown, what better way to support a local business. Some businesses we recommend supporting that have a sustainable focus are Seven Shores, Princess Cafe, Cafe Pyrus, Borealis Bar and Grill, and Earth to Table Bread Bar.

2. EarthSuds Holiday Bundles:

EarthSuds is another Enactus Laurier enterprise run by Wilfrid Laurier University Students that offers zero-waste shower tablets. They sell shampoo, body wash, and conditioner tablets that are sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. They are currently offering 3 different holiday bundles that are priced at $21.99 (30 tablets), $54.99 (90 tablets and travel tin), and $67.99 (90 tablets, hand soap, and travel tin). This gift is perfect for anyone in your family that cares about supporting local KW businesses and wants to smell fresh. You can order their products online and free shipping is offered on orders over $50

Link to their shop:

3. Donation to your Local Food Bank: found that 52% of Canadian food banks saw an increase of people accessing their services at the beginning of the pandemic and a quarter of those food banks said they saw increases of over 25%. As the pandemic has continued to rage on and second lockdowns in place or imminent for several areas of the country, more and more people are experiencing food insecurity in Canada and accessing food banks. It is more important now more than ever to support your local food bank if you have the means to. I know as a kid whenever I would receive “a donation was made in your name to this organization” as a gift, I never really understood what that meant, so if you give someone a donation as a gift this year make sure to show them the impact that donation is making.

If you are located in the KW Region consider donating to The Food Bank of Waterloo Region where every dollar donated contributes to providing 3 meals for someone in need in your local community. (Link to their website to donate:

4. Oteas:

With winter in full effect now in most of the country, what better gift to give than the warmth of tea that not only tastes great, but also is sustainably focused. Oteas is an all-natural, whole leaf tea company that uses 100% plastic-free packaging made up on plant based materials. Their tea bags are 100% biodegradable, as their tag and string. This makes Oteas product 100% plastic-free and a zero-waste product. They have many amazing flavours of tea such as strawberry and cream, Morrocan mint, black tea with caramel and many more. Currently they are offering amazing deals for the holidays and free shipping over $50 anywhere in Canada and if you spend over $75 you get a free to-go mug. This is the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life who also wants to be eco-conscious.

Link to Oteas website:

5. Geeky Candles

From Calgary, Alberta Geeky Candles makes scented soy candles that are poured by hand using eco-friendly ingredients. These candles are given themed scents that are perfect for the gamer, coder, or book lover in your life. For example they have one called Exciting Thriller that smells of coffee, amber, and sandalwood. Candles start at $15 and you receive free shipping Canada-wide on any order over $80.

Link to Geeky Candles website:

6. Ola Bamboo - Zero Waste Kit:

Quebec-based Ola Bamboo offers eco-friendly products made from bamboo, with part of each purchase given to Compensation CO2 to plant trees in Canada. On their website they list 8 amazing gift ideas and the one I would like to spotlight is the Zero Waste Kit. During the pandemic with in restaurant dining restricted a lot of us have turned to take-out to support local businesses and satisfy our cravings. Consequences of this are that a lot of single use plastics are currently being used, so this kit solves that problem with a bamboo straw, fork, knife, and teaspoon included that are all reusable. This allows you to get the take-out you are craving without the excess plastic waste. The kits range from $11-13 in price with some including chopsticks and they all come with a travel bag that makes it easy to bring it with you wherever you go.

7. DreamAway - Weighted Blanket:

Winter is already an excuse to have a cozy day at home, but with the pandemic that statement has never been more true. While you are sitting around the TV, reading a book, or just lounging around at home, why not have a weighted blanket to keep you warm. This blanket from DreamAway is not only extremely soft, but the proceeds from the sale of each blanket supports Autism Canada.

The blanket costs $50 and can be purchased at this link:

8. Paume Gift Card:

This year more than ever the importance of washing your hands and using hand sanitizer has been front and centre. Paume is a company that recently expanded to Canada and they sell moisturizing and refillable hygiene products including hand sanitizer. This company will make you feel good as for every kit purchased, $1 is donated to COVID relief funds in the US and Canada.

Kits range from $50-65 and can be purchased at:

These are just some ideas, but if you have any ideas that you would like to share please add them in the comments!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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