Sustainable New Years Resolutions

With the new year approaching many people coming up with resolutions on how to better themselves by implementing new habits for the new year. Apart from that yearly resolution to start going to the gym and eating healthier, here are a few resolutions that would not only help yourself but the environment. Here are 5 new years resolutions you could possibly add to your list.

Walk short distances instead of driving

These short sub-5-minute drives not only take a toll on your car but also can be easily managed by anyone! Walking these distances is very manageable and will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Try to cut down on meat consumption

The production of meat especially beef is not only very water-intensive but also has high CO2 emissions. Limiting your meat consumption by switching to more environmentally friendly alternatives like chicken or meat alternatives can have a great impact.

Turn off the lights when you leave the room

This one is easy. If you aren’t in the room, why have the lights on? Not only is it no use to you but it adds to the monthly bill. Saving money and the environment why not?

Try and use all the food you buy

This one might be a bit more difficult than you think? I know almost everyone can resonate with forgetting that bag of veggies in the crisper or throwing away the stems or scraps of food because they aren’t quite as good as the rest. Items like these (e.g carrot tips, onion roots, bones) are all great items for stock or other recipes.

Try and use more reusable items

Try and incorporate more reusable items in your life. Rather than buying plastic bags and the grocery store, try and bring your own. When eating out ask for them not to give you the plastic bags and utensils. In general, try and cut out single-use plastics anywhere possible.

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