The pandemic has made us change our daily lives. Which should stay which should go?

The COVID19 pandemic has made our daily lives different from a year ago. Working remotely, wearing masks, and how we interact with one another are only a few changes that we have collectively experienced this past year. Though it has been undoubtedly tough not all these changes are bad or should be scrapped once we can all meet again. Here are a few things that should change and stay the same once the pandemic is over.

Remote working…. Some hate it others which it would say forever. Some employers are beginning to offer remote work as a permanent solution. This change challenges the status quo and could very well change how the ordinary person lives. No longer are you required to live close or in the city center. Individuals could now move out to more affordable areas of the country saving on rent and transportation costs. This would also lower emissions and lessen the stress on our roads which everyone can appreciate. Working remotely also lowers the expense tally for businesses, buildings can be downsized lowing on energy costs. Fingers crossed these savings can be passed on to the consumer.

Mental health is a topic that has been brought to the spotlight. Forcing people to say at home has put a strain on everyone. Though it was a rising issue prior to the pandemic issues and attention relating to mental health has risen during these troubling times. Greater accommodations have been granted. Hopefully, this is a trend to stay. Once the pandemic ends mental health issues will linger. Increasing the systems around this issue will not only help everyone but allow our society to be happier and healthier.

Speaking of health, the way we see our health sector is fundamentally changed. No longer can we pretend that another pandemic is something a century away. New changes are bound to happen to help prevent the spread of new diseases. This could be seen in the way travel is handled future testing and restrictions could be put on all borders. Undoubtedly a greater appreciation for front-line and healthcare workers has developed. This appreciation and funding should not be forgotten once the pandemic is over. These systems will continue to be used and those working in these fields should be compensated adequately. Additionally, masks could be the new vogue. No longer is it only a pandemic thing. Like seen in in other parts of the world like in Asia. Whenever it is flu season, or you have a sniffle its time to put on a mask. This social nicety protects those around you and helps to prevent the spread.

The use of single use plastics is something that needs to go as soon as possible. I'm sure like us here at Food Fight you have noticed the surge is single-use items. From masks littering our streets to all the extra packaging, you get when you buy takeout. Its acceptable in the meantime but hopefully not a trend to stay. Once the pandemic is over we encourage you to use reusable products as much as possible.

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