Waste Tips For Restaurants to Consider

With most countries entering into Phase 2 or 3 of their COVID-19 restrictions the restaurant industry has been given the opportunity to re-open with most places now allowing dine-in. These changes have meant that some restaurants are now operating at capacity constraints so it is increasingly important that restaurant managers understand how much food they need to order, to make sure they do not create unnecessary amounts of food waste. There are several ways they can successfully re-open while reducing food waste using technology.

It is important during the initial stages of reopening for restaurants to assess their waste volume. Some questions managers should consider: Are you opening your doors at a reduced capacity? Are you providing a takeout option? Are you using a drive-thru or some combination of the options above? It is very likely that waste volumes will be different than pre-Covid levels as their operations and service will change. These are important questions so that the staff are able to deal with fluctuations in waste volume.

Now that the restaurant has understood their new waste volumes, it is important for them to decide the right frequency needed for their waste management services. If they can afford to only have garbage and recycling come twice a week vs. three times a week pre-Covid, it would be wise to make that adjustment to reduce expenses.

Using technology and reporting will allow for an increase in efficiency for a restaurant’s waste management services and make it smarter. This will make it easier for a restaurant to deal with changes, as capacity restrictions change and any other changes as a result of the pandemic, so they can shift more quickly helping reduce unnecessary waste and costs.

The pandemic has increased regulations and steps for restaurants so consolidating your restaurant’s waste efforts not only saves time but also increases efficiency. By having only one vendor, it allows you to focus your efforts on your restaurant and have the waste management taken care of.

Restaurants have more to worry about with the new “normal”, so it is important for restaurants to find any way that they can save money and increase efficiency to help get their business back to where it was before the pandemic. Even if some of these services may cost money, the money invested will save them money in the long run and reduce their carbon footprint. Food waste is a huge problem in restaurants, but technology can help restaurants reduce their waste.

Source: https://restauranttechnologynews.com/2020/08/using-technology-to-prepare-your-restaurants-waste-program-for-reopening/

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